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Testimonials and Bio
Aya de Leon's novel Uptown Thief, published by Kensington, is on sale now: I'm proud to have served as editor on it.

Wendy Breuer's story, “The Museum of Analog Antiquities,” is in the Winter, 2012 issue of 
Calyx Journal
I was honored to work with Wendy to edit an early draft of this story.

A few testimonials about my work as editor, teacher, and writer:

Your feedback has been awesome . . . .  So smart and thorough.  I really appreciate your close reading, systematic analysis and insightful suggestions.  You have been a dream of a freelance editor with this project.

Aya de Leon

Poet and novelist 


You always have great insights . . . I plan to be a long-term customer.

Annie Laurie Sanchez

Screenplay writer



It was refreshing to take a class where the instructor was genuinely interested in their students’ work and fostering intellectual growth. Your class was one of the most rewarding experiences . . . I'm grateful I had the opportunity to be taught by you.

A student in Introduction to Creative Writing, U. of Utah



I have never been able to express myself as I was able to in your class.  It’s almost as if a whole new light was shed on a part of me that had been kept in the dark.  . . . You took the extra time to write and let us know how to make improvements which forced me to challenge myself in ways I never had before.

A creative-writing student, Texas Christian U.



Cara Diaconoff writes with clarity and heartfelt honesty about ordinary lives on the cusp: artists, converts, émigrés, fiancées—all manner of people on the boundary between one way of being and the next.  The compassion of these stories moved me deeply.  I feel like I know these people.  They'll stick with me for a long time.

David Haynes
Author of The Full Matilda


Cara Diaconoff’s short stories are evocative and compelling. They can be as disturbing as dreams, as immediate as those memories that strike when we’re not quite awake. These narratives make us rethink the solidity of the world. Cara has a fine ear for the cadences of speech and the flow of sentences; her characters speak to us from far distances but also in intimate whispers.

Francois Camoin

Author of Like Love, But Not Exactly


At the heart of many compelling human dramas in the gritty novel, I’ll Be a Stranger to You, is the drama of Lucas Tiller, whose sense of mission as a Mormon presents powerful questions about his future, present, and past.  . . . In provocative, often disturbing ways, I’ll Be a Stranger to You asks us to confront questions about what prayers can be said that will return a person’s innocence, what blessings can be given that will return a person’s beliefs.  It is an excellent novel of conscience.

Kevin McIlvoy

Author of The Complete History of New Mexico: Stories










Cara Diaconoff is the author of a story collection, Unmarriageable Daughters (Lewis-Clark Press, 2008) and two novels: I’ll Be a Stranger to You (Outpost19 e-books, 2011), and Marian Hall (currently seeking a publisher).  Her stories and essays have appeared individually in The Adirondack Review, Indiana Review, Other Voices, South Dakota Review, Verbumcavus, and descant; her work has won fellowships from the Indiana Arts Commission, the Utah Arts Council, and the MacDowell Colony.  She has taught creative writing as a visiting professor at Southern Methodist University, a Visiting Writer at Whitman College, a lecturer at Texas Christian University, and a Peace Corps volunteer at colleges in Russia.  She currently lives in Seattle with her cats (two, per federal law for single women), Monkey and Angelica.